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About Us

Grow thru Tutoring is  personalized student-focused tutoring. We provide one-on-one in person and online teaching in reading and writing for grades kindergarten-fifth. We are certified teachers with over 40 combined years of educational experience. Each student is assessed to determine which foundational reading skills are preventing them from becoming successful in school. Using this information, we develop specific learning plans for each student and guide and teach each one to become a successful reader. Grow thru Tutoring features a scientifically proven intervention curriculum for students that are at severe risk for reading failure, as well as tutoring for students targeting specific foundational reading skills. Building confidence in your child is key to their being able to be successful at school. Grow thru Tutoring helps your child grow into a confident and independent learner.

  • Expert certified teachers with years of experience in reading

  • Student assessments to determine their academic needs

  • Ongoing conferencing with parents about student progress

  • Personalized one–on-one lessons

  • Scientifically researched-based instruction

  • Intensive reading intervention for at-risk readers

  • Targeted foundational reading skill reinforcement


Our Teachers


Carolyn Buss, M.A. is published and has a Masters as a Reading Specialist with 19 years of teaching experience. She holds certifications in both Special Education and English as a Second Language, (ESL). She worked as an Instructional Developer and Reading Coach for the Institute for Reading Research at Southern Methodist University for 15 years. During this time she has written reading curriculum, held numerous professional development programs on a wide variety of topics, including Differentiation Instruction and Assessment, Response to Intervention, (RTI), Technology for Teachers and Students, Essential Components of Effective Reading Instruction and other literacy instructional techniques.


She coaches teachers as well as working with struggling students with a scientifically based reading intervention program for at-risk students learning to read. If your child is struggling with reading or needs to increase his or her reading fluency and comprehension skills, Carolyn has the expertise to provide the academic support he or she needs to be more successful in school.


Melinda McGrath, M.Ed. has a Masters in Counseling and Education with certification in Special Education. She worked as an Instructional Developer collaborating with the publisher, SRA, McGraw Hill, to create teacher training manuals and help revise curricular material for publications. She traveled with the US Department of Education for two years providing professional development workshops on the components of effective reading instruction, reading strategies, and the development of technology as a coaching choice in the classroom. She has worked throughout Texas on several federally funded reading research grants as a Project Coordinator, Instructional Specialist and Master Reading Coach supporting teachers to achieve better reading outcomes for their students. She established a tutoring center at Southern Methodist University providing academic support to young students at risk for reading failure. Melinda believes all children have a right and a desire to be a good reader and with that expectation and the use of evidence-based instruction, there’s no reason they shouldn’t succeed.

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