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A 3rd grade struggling reader after receiving approximately 20 sessions of intensive reading instruction – “Miss Melinda, I want to tell you something. I don’t feel so mad. I don’t feel like hitting someone now. School's okay.” 

- A successful and happy reader

Ms. Buss tutored Billy starting in kindergarten.  He was very immature and difficult to keep his attention. Billy loved Ms. Buss and worked well with her.  He really made gains in his sight words and listening for sounds in words.

Thank you for working with Billy,

- Mr. Jones


My daughter has been tutored four times/week this last school year.  She was in 4th grade and assessed to be 3 years behind her grade level.  She was struggling with everything in school.  She begin to do better in school and felt more confident about herself after three months of tutoring. She continued to make progress. She is going into the 5th grade this year and feels good about herself, understands the reading material, and participates in classroom discussions.  I will continue to have her tutored to help her continue to make progress in her 5th grade year.


Thank you,

- Ms. Little



He enjoys the lessons and I can see that he feels better about school.  He is learning the reading skills that he missed in first and second grade.  I do wish I had started him earlier.  I feel he will be a successful reader.

Thanks for working with my son,


A fifth grader unable to read, who runs the streets at night with his brothers and comes to school to sleep, after 9 months of 4 days a week intensive reading intervention – “I can read!”

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My daughter was in second grade and was having difficulty in the classroom with reading and comprehension. After Ms. Buss assessed her, I learned she was reading on a first grade level. She was tutored twice a week for most of the school year.  Before starting 3rd grade, this year, she was reading on beginning 3rd grade level, had mastered her phonemic awareness skills, and was understanding what she read and research Articles.  I am very pleased with her growth.

- A pleased Mom

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