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Students who are at risk for reading failure are all too familiar with feelings of frustration when attempting reading related tasks at school. In order to become better readers they need to learn basic fundamental reading skills, practicing them until the skills have been internalized. At Grow thru Tutoring we work with students who are having difficulty internalizing these skills to the necessary level of mastery for proficient reading. Skills are taught in small integrated steps with quick paced practice items to promote a feeling of success. As word recognition skills are mastered we incorporate the steps needed to further develop reading fluency and language comprehension abilities, carefully supporting the reader at every step. We at Grow thru Tutoring take the frustration out of reading and put back back in feelings of accomplishment and enjoyment. We have been working with students from kindergarten through fifth grade for over 20 years to become successful readers by helping them develop overall better reading abilities and develop a growing anticipation for reading in general.

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